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TetraLync provides a wide array of technological services to clients across the United States, mostly on the West Coast.

We mainly focus on the following areas:
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    Health Information Technology

    TetraLync offers several types of services in Health Information Technology.
    EHR Support
    • Expert support during implementation and upgrades of your electronic health record applications. Optimizing application usability.
    Healthcare Technology Strategy
    • An assessment of current technological applications to determine efficiency and usability. Expertise in developing strategies for workflow optimization.
    Network Management
    • Management of network through analysis and re-design focusing on easy organization methods.

    Advice & Guidance

    Tetralync can provide Advice and Guidance for businesses in the following technological areas.
    Business Process
    • How best to incorporate technology and employ the proper experts for your specific field of business or project.
    • Need to automate a part of your business? We can advise how best to go about the automation process and provide insight about vendors, costs, and a potential timeline.
    Best Practices & Collaboration
    • Advice on best practices for your business and/or project.
    Strategy, Budget & Planning
    • TretraLync can aid in strategy, budget, and planning for any upcoming project you may have.
    Vendor Selection
    • We can provide a breakdown of vendors and options for your project. We will give honest feedback, listing the pros and cons that each local or national vendor provides.

    Individual Services

    Services for smaller projects and/or directly with individual businesses.
    IT Support
    • Classic system support.
    Database Support and Administration
    • Hire TetraLync to help manage your online database(s).
    Document Management
    • Manage your document storage and filing systems.
    Website Design, Maintenance, & Support
    • Launch a sleek website that fills your business's needs and fits your branding and style.
    Social Media Marketing
    • Market your business via social media and/or boost your business's social media presence.
    Search Engine Optimization
    • Improve your business's online visibility by boosting it in search results.

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